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Saturday, April 13, 2013

Time for a ROAD TRIP!

Time for a Road Trip!

Today will be spent in the van, driving to a dear friend’s (Cheree!!) house for her birthday!!

I have a CD full of terrible music (No Hanson this time *sigh*) and a five year old who’s ready to party.

My partner in crime, MaryAnn, doesn’t seem awake as of yet, but hopefully with coffee she will no longer resemble the walking dead.

Today is the kind of day that I love! I have always loved road trips.  Something about the open road, a bag of junk food, awesome music, and your best friend makes the day worth it.
I hope everyone out there is having a great Saturday! I know we will!

P.S......Knotted Roots is still .99.....just saying..


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